Building the Obstacle course

So we’ve got our robot built. Now let's put him to use! By making him navigate an obstacle course. This would be a lot easier in person as we could all make our robots navigate the same course, but since we're still locked up at home. I guess ill have to build it myself!!

Dimensions of obstacle course

So we start with the dimensions of the course. I cleared an are of floor space and began to layout the dimensions with tape indicating where the walls would be located.

Using the black tape I layed out the measurements for the course, constantly cross-checking with the diagram to make sure I didn't make any errors.

I opted to make the main gate 15cm wide and attempt the harder of the two courses. I layed the tape across the course and cut the gap to size with a knife. The rest of the internal walls were also layed out with tape.

This process was repeated until the entire course had been layed out. I indicated the ball collection zone with green tape as a visual indicator of the zone.

I now had the dimensions layed out, the next step was to build the physical walls. I did this using recycled cardboard boxes. I cut the walls to size and taped them to the profile of the maze.

And there we have it! the finished obstacle course. Over the next few days, i will be working on the Ping pong launcher and the code to help elegoo navigate the course. Until next time!!



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